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What Is Voip Calls Tracking? And Why Does My Business Need it ?

Do you know which advertising channel is the most effective for you? Most businesses don’t. VoIP calls tracking features helps business to find the what channel bringing them leads.

voip calls tracking

Voip calls tracking Example

Let me tell you about one of our clients that started utilizing our Service.
Hair Loss Control Clinic in Metairie, LA was running several ad campaigns, TV Commercials, Radio Spots, Several Local Magazines and Newspaper Ads, Email, Direct Mail, and PPC Advertising on Google and Yahoo.
While their clinic was doing excellent and had many patients, their clinic administrator couldn’t tell me which advertising campaign was the most effective.
NolaVoIP a Zito Telecom Company recommended that they immediately start calls tacking features for their ads. For less than $50.00 per month we set up an account that included their very own user portal plus:
– VoIP Call Tracking
– Call Reporting
– (10) DID Numbers to place in each one of their ads
– Call Forwarding
– Call Recording
After approximately 2 months we met with Hair Loss Control Clinic again and showed them a breakdown of each tracking phone number that was attached to every AD. They were astonished by the Reports!
One newspaper ad was only generating an average of 2-3 calls per month.
One magazine was generating about 25-30 calls per month but the majority of callers only called to ask questions and did not schedule an appointment. We know this because their clinic administrator listened to the call recordings of the tracked calls.
In the end we found out which advertising campaign was the winner……
Their Google PPC campaign and SEO services that was being managed by!
HLCC immediately took action and put the money that was being wasted on newspapers ads and magazine ads into online advertising.
NolaVoIP’s reports are able to show businesses several vital pieces of information plus make crucial decisions such as pulling out of any advertising medium that is NOT bringing in new leads.
If you want to see where your hard earned advertising dollars are going, Give NolaVoIP a call Today, and as a representative about Call Tracking.

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