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Hosted Vs Premise IP PBX

You have finally decided to opt for VoIP solutions.  Now you want to save cost by having VoIP in your organization rather than having traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). But probably you would see lot of these terms Hosted vs premise PBX. Or may be you would be seeing hosted VoIP or cloud based VoIP. The other option is on site PBX  system or some may refer as Premise IP PBX. Now you probably wondering, what is the difference between these twos.

hosted vs premise pbx
we will talk about the difference between hosted vs premise ip pbx .If you are looking of to choose one of these , then you must thinking what are the requirements needed for these to runs. Basically, that totally depends on your needs. First you need to ask to yourself. How many users are going to use the phone and how many calls are made outside to your office to clients. Is you calls are only made within your office premises. Then on site IP PBX will be best option.

Now you have better understanding of how you going to use VoIP within your organization. Now important step is to choose one these two options.

Cost Of hosted vs premise IP PBX

Hosted PBX has very low or no upfront cost. The provider usually charges a flat monthly rate. On site IP PBX has more upfront cost as it need to buy the hardware and software. ON site IP PBX is ideal for who has more 50+ employees and often big business choose on site due to they already invested in infrastructure and thus on site doesn’t have any recurring monthly fees. If you organization is 10-15 employees than ideal solutions would be hosted PBX as hosted PBX provider will be responsible for all hardware and maintenance or any down time.


Choosing the right solutions is ideal for your business between hosted vs premise pbx. There are many factors that come into play. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you need help to decide what bests for your business You can speak to Nolavoip VoIP Specialist for no obligation telecom analysis.

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