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Virtual Phone System – Why Your Business Need it?

Virtual phone system offers best way for small business to act like a big enterprise in a professional way with the spending on expensive hardware.  It makes small business owners  the edge to compete with larger enterprise. It makes a great impression on customers to make conversions. It can used with your existing handset. There is no installations and no need to call an expert to set up. Small business can have benefit because it allows more flexible work schedule. Employees don’t need to stay at the their office desk to answer calls. Their calls can easily be transferred to their cell phones and be able to work and travel at the same time.

virtual phone system


Only downside of virtual phone system is that it focus on incoming calls. Incoming call to office number is transferred to employees cell phones. To make outgoing calls, they still need to use their cell phones or any current phones they are using.

Features Of Virtual Phone System

It offers a lot of features to make phone system work efficiently.

  • Auto Attendant
  • Music on Hold
  • Voice mail goes to email
  • Transfer call to other co-workers
  • Call Recording
  • Call Center Features
  • Call Screening

When someone calls your organization and they get welcomed with a professional greeting and a list of extensions allowing them easy connect to exactly who they need to talk to, what do you think they feel about the business? Can you say major credibility booster?

These services offer a web interface that allows you to easily control and set up call forwarding, multiple extensions, voice-mail, directories, hold music and other capabilities. They can route incoming calls to your employees cell phone or land line, or use VoIP – voice over IP

These features will work even though if your business don’t have VoIP phone system. There are chances that some of doesn’t fit your needs, like you have large volume of calls, for that hosted VoIP solutions will be best option. We do offer affordable business phone with hosted solutions. Contact us to get free quote.



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