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Phone Extension Dialing

Why Phone Extension Dialing Comes in Handy for Your Business

Phone Extension dialing is the shortest way to seamless communication, and saves you time and effort in contacting people who are located outside your office. It allows you to easily memorize number combinations.

phone extension dialing

Phone Extension dialing connects you with your employees who are working remotely in their own homes, or are assigned in another island with 4-digit  numbers. Some businesses like their extensions shorter, so we are offering 3-digit extension dialing, which entitle them to easier communication methods and a more organized structure. Our extension dialing feature is also available in 5-digit models for more combination options, specifically designed for larger scale businesses.

What does this bring your company? Nothing more than a whole new image that is full of professionalism and good reputation, as your office will project a full size figure despite the capacity to become as practical as necessary.

On top of all that, Zito Telecom makes sure you are unbound by any feature, and so you can choose to have either an phone extension number or a direct phone number for your phone lines. Because there is advantage in both types, we want you to fully maximize their potential and benefit from the best of both worlds.

Reasons to Love Phone Extension Dialing

As one of the most practical features this modern world has brought us, phone extension dialing is an indispensable tool for businesses with sizes both big and small. There are many reasons to love this feature, especially the following:

  1. You can call anyone as if they were in the room right next to yours. Extension dialing through our hosted PBX services allows you to assign extension numbers consisting of 3-5 digits to anyone within your circle or organization, regardless of their location.
  2. Transferring calls are done in a faster and easier manner. Whether you decide to pick up the phone, greet your caller, and know his or her concerns before you transfer the call, or do it immediately as soon as you hear the phone ringing.
  3. Extension dialing can be used even for offices and work stations based in other countries. As an effect, your office, no matter how it actually exists, is distinguished in a respectable way. Callers no longer need to know where your employees are located謡hat’s important is that they are transferred and connected to the appropriate extension number immediately, without any trouble.

You can Bring Your Extension Anywhere, Anytime

This is one of our customers’ most favorite features within this particular feature. You can bring your extension anywhere, anytime as long as you need to. Using extension calling and many other tools and features embedded in our hosted PBX systems, you become capable of staying connected 24/7. For businesses yearning to grow and succeed in no time, this is a crucial factor.

Here are a few of the many ways you can maintain seamless communication with your customers:

  1. Take your IP phone anywhere
    You can bring an IP phone anytime you leave the office or the country. It is as mobile and portable as other gadgets, and is ready to use for as long as you have a reliable internet connection. With the availability of the Internet in most places today, you can be sure that you are always there for your customers, even if you are travelling for a few days.
  2. Automatically transfer calls through Call Forwarding.
    Whenever you are preoccupied with so many other things and are not available to answer calls on your extension number, you can program your business phone system to forward incoming calls received by your extension number to another number within or outside the organization. You can also choose to have incoming calls forwarded to your mobile or home phone number, with a specific order or prioritization of calls. It is also customizable, such that you are allowed to specify how many rings it should have before it is transferred. Call forwarding is simply a user-friendly option that works for businesses of all sizes.