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Are You Planning To Move From PBX To VoIP

If you haven’t heard of VoIP, then you probably living in the forest. VoIP is used many companies to provide home phones and business phones. Such as Vonage, Magicjack and list goes on. If you’re still using the traditional phone system and now planning to move into VoIP, then its now time to move into the next Era of phone service. VoIP has lot more features than traditional phone system. It also not only helps in smooth communication, but also helps increasing business potentials.
move from pbx to voip

What are the Benefits of Moving to VoIP.

There are number of benefits in moving to VoIP from analog phones. We won’t go deep in all benefits, we list the majors ones which can bring great impact on small business.

VoIP is much easier to install and manage as compared to old analog phones. In old phones we have different line coming from the telephone service provider. In a special conditions, where there is an issue regarding phone service, the “IT guy” from the company will visit your office or home where you have phone installed to fix any issues. Let say, you have business which operates and lot of business is coming from the phone as customers are requesting service from home , it also can be lot of queries of customers are handled over the phone. During the downtime, all the phones calls are taking your business down. As some customers might feel unsatisfactory as they are not getting response from your side. VoIP doesn’t have separate line for phone service. If you have broadband connection at the home and on business premises ( well who doesn’t ), then you won’t need to have a different dedvirtual phone system
icated line for the phone. Voip is easy to manage as most of configuration are done on web based software. Any users can log into the web user interface and can manage his or her configurations.

Another major benefit of VoIP is price. It cost lot less then public switched network. It usually comes with low month standard fee. But, it can help you save thousands of dollars depending on your business. It is software based service, so it is very easy to add or remove features from your phone service.

These are the few benefits., which can help you understand, why planning  to moving from PBX to VoIP is a good Idea.

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