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Benefits Of Small Business Voip Call Recording

Nola VoIP a Zito Telecom Company offers several features such as voip Call Recording to make your life easier and more productive. You may be wondering how will voip Call Recording for my Hosted PBX Phone System really make my days easier. Here’s how.

voip call recording

Here is an example of Small Business Voip call Recording Feature.

Let’s say you own a Day Spa or any Retail Business.

More than likely you have an employee answering your incoming phone calls. Voip Call Recording can be used in various situations.

Do you have a certain way that you want your business phone calls answered?
Do you have a list of requirements that your employee must get for scheduling each and every appointment?
Would you like to monitor how your employee is treating each of your callers?
What is your procedure now if an employee forgets to write down an vital piece of information? Call your Customer or Client? That doesn’t sound too professional.

Well if your business phone system had Voip call recording, you could simply search for that call via your own web portal with Zito Telecom, Play the recorded call back and write down that important piece of information that your employee captured but forgot to write down or enter into your computer software. This can all be accomplished without bothering that new client that is coming in to your business for the first time.

Have you had a complaint against an employee that you haven’t had problems with previously? If you are wondering what really took place on that phone call that came into your business, take a couple minutes out of your day and play the recorded call and see if that employee with a stellar work history was having a bad day and was rude to your client or maybe it was your client filing a complaint against your employee (for a reason of their own). How good does it feel to finally get to the bottom of an ongoing situation!?

Zito Telecom has a client that just started using our Call Recording feature. This client recently had a Chargeback on their merchant account. The dispute was very easily settled by logging into their web interface, saving the Recorded Call and emailing it to the merchant provider.

The Recorded Call proved that the customer in fact did make the purchase at this particular Day Spa.

We could give you several more scenarios where Call Recording could be helpful in your business. But I think by now, you can see what a valuable feature this is for your Hosted Phone System!

Contact any of us at Nola VoIP and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have or add Call Recording to you account today.

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