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Edgewater Networks ED-250W-100-0010


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Product Description

  • Protocol mediation for device interoperability
  • VoIP survivability
  • Voice call quality monitoring, Mean Opinion Score (MOS) prediction
  • Detailed network quality statistics (jitter, latency, etc)
  • VoIP over IP prioritization
  • Traffic shaping, Diffserv, policing, Call Admission Control (CAC)
  • Stateful packet inspection firewall
  • VoIP protocol aware NAT/Firewall
  • TLS client for EdgeProtect connections
  • Standards-based management: SNMP, telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS, RADIUS
  • Syslog external and local reporting
  • PING, traceroute, TCP dump utilities
  • Edgeview Plug & Dial compatible
  • Flexible WAN interfaces including ADSL/ADSL 2+ and Ethernet
  • Models with WiFi, IAD and PSTN gateway interfaces
  • Supports up to 10 concurrent VoIP calls
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