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With phone management, small businesses can get access to phone system almost anywhere.

phone management

When adopting technologies, mobility is one of the issues that should considered by businesses. As you know, business deals or transactions can happen anywhere and anytime. In addition, business gatherings such as meetings and conferences are also conducted outside the office. Usually, these are held in resorts or hotels. With that, it is crucial to have a way to use the phone management even if you are not in the office. With mobile phones, that is not a problem today anymore.

How to use Virtual Office Phone Management mobile phones?

With mobile phones, particularly smartphones such as iPhone and Android phone, the Virtual Office Phone management Extension can now be accessed easily and conveniently. You just have to make sure that there is a high-speed Internet connection around. Today, Wi-Fi zones are found almost everywhere. With the said smartphones, you can use the company’s phone management without informing others where you really are. In this way, mobile phones help in streamlining and unifying the business communications. Usually, phone service providers allow integration of mobile phones without adding extra charge.

Access Virtual Office Phone Extension Using iPad, iPhone or Android Phone

Usually, phone management providers create an app which you can download to your mobile phone such as Android or iPhone. With Virtual Office username and password, you have to sign in to the app to do communication actions. The Caller ID will show up and it will become your Virtual Office phone number. Whenever there are incoming calls, both your mobile phone and the office phone will ring. In this way, you will not miss any call.

What are the features that you can use and enjoy when using mobile phones?

Using mobile phones is no different in terms of the features that can accessed by users. Below is a list of the features:

Transfer calls
Check voicemail in your extension
Put callers on hold
Make 3-way calls
One-button access of auto attendant, conference bridge, and voicemail
Make calls from your company directory or contact list in your mobile phone
Works with Android 2.0 or later versions and iPhone OS 3.1 or later versions
Works over Wi-Fi or 3G
Supports background operation and multitasking of iPhone IOS 4 and later.

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