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Conference Bridge

What is a Conference Bridge ?

A conference bridge allows the group of people to participate in group call. In other words, it allows to have virtual meeting room from their phones extensions. It can hold few to hundreds of participants. It can joined by any employee, regardless of his/her physical location. Because it works through internet.

conference bridge

Features of Conference Bridge

Conference Bridge supports different meeting rooms with each has different participants. The number of attendants in a bridge can be limited by the VoIP PBX provider or it can be set to unlimited. Most of the systems allow administrator to assign the Direct inward dialing(DID) to the conference rooms. it can be secured by the PIN number. It can be assigned a common PIN to all the participants. Further it can have custom PIN To allow only few or selected participants. The software will ask the caller for a pin number when they call into the system. Some advanced bridge systems has graphical interface where, everyone can see who is currently speaking and who has joined. Security is the main benefit of owning or renting a conference call bridge, but it comes at a big expense compared to other conferencing services.


A conference bridge makes conference calls easier and more systematic and ultimately more professional for the business owner. Each attendee must have a pin number to attend the conference. The system will prompt the caller for their name and announce it to the other attendees when they join as well as when they hang up.


There are couple things required to use it.

  • A high speed broadband connection.
  • A hosted Voip Pbx system
  • This feature setup on your phone system.
  • Each attendee needs a phone that they can dial in on (does not have to be a VoIP phonenference room)