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Are You Planning To Move From PBX To VoIP

If you haven’t heard of VoIP, then you probably living in the forest. VoIP is used many companies to provide home phones and business phones. Such as Vonage, Magicjack and list goes on. If you’re still using the traditional phone system and now planning to move into VoIP, then its now time to move into […]

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Virtual Phone System – Why Your Business Need it?

Virtual phone system offers best way for small business to act like a big enterprise in a professional way with the spending on expensive hardware.  It makes small business owners  the edge to compete with larger enterprise. It makes a great impression on customers to make conversions. It can used with your existing handset. There […]

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Hosted Vs Premise IP PBX

You have finally decided to opt for VoIP solutions.  Now you want to save cost by having VoIP in your organization rather than having traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). But probably you would see lot of these terms Hosted vs premise PBX. Or may be you would be seeing hosted VoIP or cloud based VoIP. The […]

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Spending Too Much For Your Business Phone Service?

There was the time, when managing business phone service was hassle. Managing old big traditional boxes and wiring all over your organization. Those were the time when analog phone lines were the only solution. Think about managing two separate connection to your organization and home, one for internet and one for the telecommunications. The prices of […]

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Phone Management

With phone management, small businesses can get access to phone system almost anywhere. When adopting technologies, mobility is one of the issues that should considered by businesses. As you know, business deals or transactions can happen anywhere and anytime. In addition, business gatherings such as meetings and conferences are also conducted outside the office. Usually, […]

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Voip Codecs! What Are They?

Voip codecs also known as codec-decoder are used in voip technology to convert analog voice signal to digitally encoded version. It converts audio signal to compressed digital form to transmit and then uncompressed audio to receive it. Voip Codecs use are also referred to as vocoders, for “voice encoders”.There are two typles of codecs,Lossless codecs […]

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Benefits Of Small Business Voip Call Recording

Nola VoIP a Zito Telecom Company offers several features such as voip Call Recording to make your life easier and more productive. You may be wondering how will voip Call Recording for my Hosted PBX Phone System really make my days easier. Here’s how. Here is an example of Small Business Voip call Recording Feature. Let’s […]

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Award Winning Small Business Phone System

Small Business Phone System in  is critical role in the Business telecommunications . Big enterprises spends thousands of dollars for their business telecommunications needs. However, Small business have more of a need for cost-effective solutions. A poor phone system will effect the business growth and managing the entire system will be out of their control. Hosted […]

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