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Service Terms and Conditions

Please read this page fully and carefully. If you do not agree to the stated Terms and Conditions, do not use our service. Please return to this page periodically as the Terms and Conditions may change with the revision of this page. The Terms and Conditions are binding to all users on our system.

I agree to pay and specifically authorize NolaVoIP – Zito Telecom LLC to debit my credit card or bank debit card account for the charges for my NolaVoIP account. Charges will be billed monthly and include the monthly fee described below, a charge for any minutes used, plus applicable taxes and surcharges.

I agree to provide NolaVoIP with my new credit card if the credit card listed above becomes invalid, and I agree to pay any outstanding balance owed to NolaVoIP.

I understand that any charges in question must be disputed in writing within 10 days of receipt of my statement.

If at any time your payment should decline, you will have 5 business days to provide payment or your service shall be terminated. After such termination, you may be subject to a reactivation fee.

NolaVoIP – Zito Telecom LLC or its successors, subsidiaries or agents are not responsible for any losses or damages due to any failure or interruption of these services.

All fees are subject to applicable Federal and State taxes and payphone surcharges.

Unused minutes in all applicable NolaVoIP Voice plans do NOT carry over month to month.

The monthly fee is charged regardless of minutes used or not used.

Please see NolaVoIP’s Cancellation policy below for our cancellation terms.

The NolaVoIP local number unlimited plans are designed for normal business use. Numbers are limited to 4 simultaneous calls. Numbers used for mass-marketing applications may be subject to a lower limit of the number of simultaneous calls that can be received at any given time. Metered plans are available.

The NolaVoIP products unlimited usage plans are designed for normal business use. Please see Fair Usage for details.

NolaVoIP offers E911 emergency service to its subscribers. Please see the Fair Usage & E911 page for details, instructions and limitations.

NolaVoIP’s policy to RespOrg / Port (to transfer) an existing number to or from NolaVoIP is as follows: There is a $30.00 fee charged to transfer (RespOrg) an existing number to NolaVoIP from another carrier. The customer is the owner of any toll-free number transferred to NolaVoIP or assigned by NolaVoIP. The customer may request a transfer of their NolaVoIP number to another carrier but NolaVoIP must be notified in writing prior to the transfer. NolaVoIP reserves the right to charge a $30.00 fee to release the number to another carrier. If a NolaVoIP account has been cancelled for any reason by the customer or NolaVoIP, the number becomes the property of NolaVoIP and can be reused at the discretion of NolaVoIP. It is the customer’s responsibility to have the number transferred to another carrier prior to cancelling the account. Transferring the number to another carrier does not automatically cancel the account with NolaVoIP. It is the responsibility of the customer to properly cancel the account in writing as per NolaVoIP Cancellation Policy. Billing of the account will continue and be due until such cancellation has been processed, even if the number has been transferred away from NolaVoIP.


All cancellations require a 30-day written notification. Cancellation of the service is in effect only upon the issuance of a cancellation number.

Written cancellations may be sent to [email protected].

There are no refunds for partial months.

No account can be cancelled by the customer while having an outstanding balance. All accounts must be paid current prior to cancellation.

The monthly fee is charged regardless of minutes used or not used. Non usage of an account does not automatically cancel the account.

For NolaVoip accounts you may request a full refund on your equipment purchase if the equipment is returned to our designated distributor within 30 days of purchase, in excellent condition with the original boxes. The customer is responsible for ground shipping costs to our distributor. If equipment is not returned within 30 days, NolaVoIP is not under any obligation to refund any equipment purchase.

If transferring an existing NolaVoIP number away from NolaVoIP the transfer must be done prior to cancellation. All terms, as set forth in the Terms and Conditions must be satisfied. If an account has been cancelled by the customer or NolaVoIP the number will become the property of NolaVoIP and can be reissued at the discretion of NolaVoIP.