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What is Auto Attendant?

Build A More Professional Image with Our Auto Attendant Feature!

auto attendant

The auto attendant feature is today’s modern alternative for a receptionist. During the day, companies need to hire additional manpower in order to entertain incoming calls, especially if they had 24/7 customer service hotlines. Today, you can cut costs by utilizing this feature, which can handle calls within a set time frame, say after one, three or four rings. You can choose to use personalize greetings and let your callers remember how you welcome their calls.

Some companies do not bother to prioritize customer service related calls and end up in the lower list of companies in as far as consumers are concerned. If you have an auto attendant that will make sure no calls are left unanswered, your loyal and potential clients and customers will judge your company positively. Zito Telecom wants to help you exude a more professional and dedicated image for better sales volume and consumer feedback. Below is an example of what this may sound.

Thank you for calling Zito Telecom, the leading provider of Hosted PBX phone services.
For customer service, press 1
For technical support, press 2
To Dial by Extension, press 3
To Dial by Name, press 4
For Zito Telecom Directory, press 5

Why Business Owners Adore Zito Telecom’s Auto Attendant Feature

  1. It gives them a more professional look
    This makes sure that all your incoming calls are answered, your company gains a better reputation and portrays a more reliable image.
  2. is a practical and innovative alternative to hiring a receptionist
    Hiring a receptionist does not only involve paying more people, but also entails adding time and effort in running your business. With this feature, hiring a receptionist can be a thing of the past.
  3. Calls are transferred to the correct department swiftly
    Being transferred to the wrong number is an extremely disappointing occasion, and often causes callers to go irate. This feature never misdials a number, and is therefore guaranteed useful in building a more organized and dependable business.
  4. Use different greetings, menus, and offers as necessary
    During office hours, you can provide dialing options that are transferred to local extension numbers. After business hours, you can customize your greeting and menu, as well as transfer calls to the correct mobile phone where your employees can be contacted.
  5. No extra charge
    Cliché as it may sound, but the best things in life are actually, and still are, free. This feature is included in our hosted PBX plans, as we allow you to enjoy every single benefit of having this without charging you an extra cent!
  6. It is easy to use and manage
    We’re here to bring you a brand new way to introduce your company while you greet your customers with style. Recording and uploading your greetings does not require complicated processes, and can easily be changed whenever needed.

With Zito Telecom’s Auto Attendant feature, You will:

  • Use different ways to transfer and connect your callers. You can provide them with a list of options in dialing the correct extension number, or name of the department. Callers can also choose to use the dial by voice directory option.
  • Use a variety of greetings, menu, and others for different hours, days, or occasions. This is an ultimately defining tool for you to show how organized and prepared you are in handling customer issues and concerns anytime, anywhere. If you are planning to have a long holiday break, you can still accommodate incoming calls and address issues accordingly by setting up your auto attendant the way it should be.
  • Have the chance to add more features for each department, or simply connect the incoming call to call queues or voicemail. Either way, you can be assured that calls are answered immediately, and transferred to the right place in seconds.
  • Enjoy different ways to respond to incoming calls without extra effort, and customize your greetings to suit your varying business needs!