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Hosted PBX

We’ve heard a lot of these things when talking about business telephones these days, but what does Hosted PBX or VoIP really mean? Here’s a simple explanation.

hosted pbx

As a modern substitute for such an awkward-sized and peculiar PBX box that requires a lot of time, effort, and money to install, Zito Telecom uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to bring you all-inclusive telephone services using your Internet connection. Zito Telecom offers you an affordable and more manageable telephone system with the most advanced features designed to meet your business communication needs.

The Benefits of Using Zito Telecom’s Hosted PBX Business Phone Services:

1. No more large equipment and wires to install

This simply means that you no longer need to acquire additional expensive equipment and wires in order to have that phone system running. It also requires the least of maintenance since all you will be using are your Internet connection, your computers or laptops, or your VoIP phones. In short, things will become less complicated. You will get all the things you need from a business phone, and you will get it from a single subscription that sends you a single monthly bill. No more multiple things from multiple entities, just a professional telephone system that caters to your business needs.

2. Save up to more than 80% on your business phone system

The moment you sign up with Zito Telecom’s Hosted PBX system, you will enjoy huge savings from not having to pay installment fees, doing away with the unnecessary tools and equipment, no maintenance costs, and of course, very low monthly fees compared to having a traditional PBX phone system.

3. Connect everyone under your organization and develop a more efficient work scheme

Whether your employees are located under one roof, or situated in different satellite offices, or are distributed in their home offices, you can assign them their own extension numbers which are easier to contact. People who are always “on-the-go” or are out of the country for business matters can still be connected through the innovation of extension numbers plus advanced call forwarding options.

4. Order what you need, and have space for future growth

With a more flexible and easily changeable system, our hosted PBX allows you to choose how many extensions you want. You can either get more than what you need, or save the additions later. Doing so is as easy as one click, since your whole telephone system works through the most progressive means: the Internet.

How does this exactly affect your business?

You will enjoy seamless connectivity through an uncomplicated telephone system. Your needs are addressed through advanced features such as international calling, toll free numbers, call forwarding, auto attendant, and many more, without imagethe need for expensive, bulky, and unnecessary equipment. Using only your Internet connection, computers, and/or your VoIP phones and boxes, you are definitely on the way to endless growth and possibilities. Learn more about Zito Telecom’s hosted PBX telephone service here.